Park Hae Jin Compliments “Cheese in the Trap” Co-Star Kim Go Eun on Her Acting

2016-01-30 03:42:10 2016-01-30 03:42:10

In a recent interview with Yonhap News, Park Hae Jin reveals his thoughts on his “Cheese in the Trap” co-star, Kim Go Eun, and her perfect synchronization with her character.

He starts off by explaining that he thinks “synchronization isn’t just having similar visuals to the character, but rather something that the acting creates. Truthfully, the viewers didn’t see Kim Go Eun’s acting as Hong Seol until the drama started airing.” He remarks that he discovered the college student Hong Seol within Kim Go Eun when he met her officially for the first time last September on the drama set.

Throughout the interview, Park Hae Jin refers to Kim Go Eun not by her actual name, but her character name’s Seol. At the film set, he says that he always calls her “Seol-ah” and never really calls her as Go Eun. He insists that is how much “Seol” is just like the character Seol. Whenever he sees her acting, it doesn’t feel like acting or that she’s making up a new persona, and emphasizes that “Kim Go Eun is Hong Seol herself.” Portraying his thoughts clearly just like Yoo Jung sunbae, Park Hae Jin seems to be his character personified as well.

kim go eun park hae jin

With his passionate insistence, you can’t help but wonder how Kim Go Eun will be as Hong Seol in the later episodes. He continues on, adding that “I doesn’t know if her character portrayal is due to her flexibility as an actress, or her precise understanding and analysis of the character. I feel like Kim Go Eun is a really underestimated actress.”

Previously, Park Hae Jin actually chose Kim Go Eun as his ideal type, so when the casting news for “Cheese in the Trap” was finalized, people were even more excited. While Park Hae Jin argues that ideal type is just another title bestowed onto people, even Lee Yoon Jung, director of “Cheese in the Trap” asked if they had any notion of dating. While dating might not be foreseeable at the moment, you can clearly feel the affection and admiration that Park Hae Jin has for Kim Go Eun.

Park Hae Jin’s compliments definitely increases the expectations for this drama, so don’t miss out on a single episode! “Cheese in the Trap” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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