Seo Woo Remembers Her Manners and Politely Apologizes for Passing Gas

2016-01-30 18:44:02 2016-01-30 18:44:02

Baek Seo Woo showed that she is an extremely polite child, even when she is passing gas.

On the episode of SBS’s “Oh! My Baby” aired on January 30, Jung Si Ah’s family visits Seo Woo’s great grandmother in Jaecheon.

During their stay, Jun Woo and Seo Woo sweep up broken pieces of briquette. Then suddenly, Seo Woo walks over to her parents and confesses, “Daddy, I farted. I passed gas two times.”

seo woo 2

She, however, doesn’t forget her manners and proceeds to bow and say, “Excuse me.”

seo woo 3

Her cute and unexpected apology is enough to make her parents burst out in a laughing fit.

Watch Seo Woo’s cute accident in the video below!

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