WINNER’s Teaser Posters Showcase Member Involvement in Songwriting

2016-01-30 21:29:59 2016-01-30 21:45:51

In anticipation of WINNER‘s imminent comeback, YG Entertainment has dropped via their official blog the posters for the group’s double title tracks, “BABY BABY” and “Sentimental,” as well as member Nam Taehyun‘s solo track “I’m Young.”

Fans will be especially pleased to find that many members were actively involved in the songwriting process of the songs.


“BABY BABY” and “Sentimental” were penned, composed, and arranged by Nam Taehyun, with Song Mino and Lee Seunghoon also co-writing the lyrics.

Nam Taehyun also composed and wrote the lyrics for “I’m Young,” his solo track.


WINNER will release their mini album “EXIT:E,” which will include all three songs, on February 1 at midnight KST. WINNER will also host a live “EXIT AWARDS” on Naver’s V App at 11 p.m. January 31 and hang out with fans virtually before the release.

Which song are you most looking forward to?

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