Daebak Tries His Hand at Taekwondo on “The Return of Superman”

2016-01-31 08:21:04 2016-01-31 08:21:04

Baby Daebak is ready to kick butt and take names on the January 31 episode of “The Return of Superman“!

On the episode, Lee Dong Gook takes Daebak and his twin daughters Seol Ah and Su Ah to a taekwondo school. Lee Dong Gook explains, “There’s a lot of dangers out in the world, so they need to know how to protect themselves.”

daebak boards

While Seol Ah and Soo Ah are in a taekwondo lesson, Daebak plays with a ball. However, when he sees his sisters try their hand at breaking boards, he decides he wants to try too. Surprisingly, Daebak is able to break the board on his own with his foot, and with his hand with a little help from Dad.

Check out Daebak and the rest of the gang in the episode below!

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