EXO’s D.O. Comments on How He Feels About People’s Rising Expectations for His Acting

2016-01-31 19:55:57 2016-01-31 21:15:08

D.O., who has received recognition for his acting skills through dramas “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and “I Remember You” and the movie “Cart,” will take on the role as the male lead in movies “Pure Love” and “Brother.” Though he has been praised for his clean-cut acting and refreshing face among the midst of other acting idols, the EXO member confessed that he is burdened by the attention showered over him.

When asked if the praise and expectations of the people around him puts any weight on his shoulders, he first answered, “It’s not burdensome. I feel great when they compliment me, and I’m very grateful but…”

Then he changed his words and said, “Oh, it is burdensome. It’s very burdensome.”

“I’m so grateful that many people like me,” he said. “That means people have high expectations for me. Rather than wondering if I ‘like’ acting or ‘hate’ acting, I think the fact that I’m enjoying acting is the most important.”

“Though it is essential to take into consideration how other people see me as I act, I think it is most important to enjoy it,” he added.

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