Kang Dong Won Reveals He Hated His Private Life Being Publicized in His 20s

2016-01-31 02:47:17 2016-01-31 02:47:17

Though the life style of a celebrity may seem fabulous, some hate the spotlight they receive. Kang Dong Won said he was one of those stars in his 20s.

During an interview with News1star, Kang Dong Won revealed his distaste towards scandals along with the lack of privacy he has as a celebrity.

“I hate other stuff getting in the way of my acting,” he said. “I despised my private life being publicized when I was in my 20s. Now, however, I know what I like, and I try to ignore the rest. Whatever people may say, I try to not pay much attention.”

Kang Don Won also commented that “a woman without any stomach fat” is no longer his ideal woman.

“Though I used to be like that when I was younger, that’s old talk,” he said. “I had meant that I like a person who likes eating but doesn’t try to mindlessly stuff herself. I’ve grown up, and now I don’t care about a person’s body. A skinny girl is as charming as a plump one. Sometimes, when several different types of ladies join a get-together, I feel different attractions to all of them.”

Meanwhile, his newest movie “A Violent Prosecutor” will open in theaters on February 3. He will be playing the role of a handsome swindler who helps a falsely accused prosecutor seek justice.

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