Lee Dong Hwi Exudes Modern Sophistication for Star1 Pictorial

2016-01-31 15:01:39 2016-01-31 15:01:39

No ‘80s fashion here! Actor Lee Dong Hwi sheds his “Reply 1988” character to embrace the sophistication of modern fashion for a photo shoot with Star1.

lee dong hwi lee dong hwi

In the pictures, he shows off a classy, urban style in shades of grey and black, turtleneck sweaters and wool coats contrasting with cool tinted sunglasses. Still cuts of him at the makeup table highlight his bright and cheerful personality, but he becomes a total professional during the shoot, staring broodingly into the camera and carefully monitoring the results.

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The actor reveals during the accompanying interview that he was surprised by the fame of “Reply 1988.” “I didn’t think my life would change very much after this project,” he says. “This wasn’t my debut and I’d done a lot of other work before. But I was surprised by the amount of love this drama received.”

“The director had told us not to expect too much before we started,” he adds. “He wanted us to start off with a comfortable mindset and enjoy the work.”

lee dong hwi

Much of the focus of “Reply 1988” was the mystery behind Duk Sun (Girl’s Day’s Hyeri)’s husband. Lee Dong Hwi shares his feelings about not getting a love line of his own. “I knew beforehand that my character wouldn’t have a romance, but when I saw everyone acting lovey-dovey, I got annoyed,” he laughs. “When I saw them trying out different ways to act out the love scenes, I thought it was too much. If I had to do it, I don’t think I could stomach it.”

lee dong hwi

As the pictorial proves, the actor takes good care of his personal style, working closely with what his stylists pick out for him. However, he has no interest in designing clothes. “I don’t think it’s the kind of work any one can do,” he says. “I have to be good at acting first.”

We look forward to seeing him in the future!

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