Manse Tricks Daehan Into Buying Candy on “The Return of Superman”

2016-01-31 07:13:31 2016-01-31 07:13:31

On the January 31 episode of “The Return of Superman,” Manse cutely swindles his brother Daehan into buying jelly candies instead of soy sauce.

daehan manse

The boys’ father Song Il Gook sends the triplets into the store alone with the mission of buying soy sauce. However, along the way, Manse finds the jelly candies on the shelf and calls over Daehan and Minguk.

Manse cutely asks Daehan, “What are these?” While Daehan debates whether or not to buy the candies, Manse goads him into buying them over the soy sauce. “Just buy them already!” he says. In the end, Daehan gives into temptation and buys three bags of the jelly candies instead.

daehan manse2

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