“Marriage Contract” Starring Lee Seo Jin and Uee Holds First Script Reading

2016-01-31 21:53:36 2016-01-31 21:53:36

The cast of MBC’s special weekend drama “Marriage Contract” recently got together for the first script reading.

On January 20, producers Park Sung Eun, Kim Jin Min, and screenwriter Jung Yoo Kyung were joined by lead actors Lee Seo Jin, Uee, Kim Kwang Gyu, Kim Yoo Ri, Kim Yong Gun, Lee Hwi Hyang, and Park Jung Soo at MBC’s headquarters in Sangam, Seoul to go over the script.

It is said that the meeting was held in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Kim Jin Min PD greeted the team, “I’m worried that the actors and producers will have a hard time due to the cold weather. Nonetheless, I hope that everyone will be happy on set. Also, as we go over the script, I would encourage the actors to share any good ideas they might have.”

Screenwriter Jung Yoo Kyung went on to add, “The weather might be cold, but I would like to write a script that will melt your hearts,” and said she will do her best to keep everyone in high spirits throughout the production.

Meanwhile, “Marriage Contract” is a fun yet emotional melodrama that follows a married couple’s search for the meaning of love. The drama is expected to air after “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol” ends its run at the end of this month.

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