Photographer Reveals His Heart Warming Encounter With Park Bo Gum

2016-01-31 22:11:41 2016-01-31 22:11:41

Yet another story of Park Bo Gum’s kind heart surfaced on the Internet.

On February 1, a post titled “Park Po Gum’s Personality” surfaced on the web, containing a screenshot of photographer Paek Sang Hyun’s Instagram post last December.

The post reads: “I take pictures of a lot of people as a photographer. Several of them are very kind and nice. However, the photo shoot I was most impressed with over the past six years was the one with Park Bo Gum. The words he said to me right before the photo shoot moved my heart and made me work my hardest. His first words to me were, ‘I am actor Park Bo Gum. I’m sorry to say I don’t know your name. What is your name?’ Though it isn’t much, not many ask. His small consideration was enough to warm up the set and please the staff. Park Bo Gum may be young, but I could tell that he is a man of politeness and genuineness during the photo shoot. Though it has been a while, I can still feel his warm heart when I look at the pictures I took of him. #ParkBoGum is a cool actor… I truly hope he succeeds.”

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This isn’t the first time Park Bo Gum has been the center of attention for his “good guy” life style. During his first meeting with the staff of “Reply 1988,” he said he neither drank, smoked, nor cursed.

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