Yoon Park Talks Upcoming Drama and Current Project With InStyle

2016-01-31 23:52:10 2016-01-31 23:52:10

Yoon Park has a large palette of charms, this time showing off his chic attitude for a pictorial with InStyle.

During the photo shoot, Yoon Park received endless compliments for his clear skin and ability to take on any outfit. However, he showed a down-to-earth side as well when he was flustered by his awkward poses.

In an interview following the pictorial, Yoon Park talked about his newest SBS drama “Come Back, Uncle.”

“I’ve taken on a much serious role this time in comparison to some of the other lighter, funnier roles,” he said. “My goal is to not to bore the viewers while I’m on the screen.”

He also talked about Kim Gu Ra, whom he works with on “House Cook Master Baek.”

“Kim Gu Ra likes how I talk without worrying about others,” he said. “He really supports me because I easily talk on air without overthinking and just dive into the situation.”

Meanwhile, “Come Back, Uncle” will air this February.

Yoon Park

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