4Minute’s Contract Renewal Depends on the Success of Their New Album

2016-02-01 15:48:39 2016-02-01 22:41:58

4Minute revealed that this album would be an important factor in deciding whether or not the will resign a contract with their agency.

On February 1, the group held a showcase for their seventh mini album, “Act. 7.” Their newest song “Hate,” is a collaboration with DJ SKRILLEX and mixes sounds of both hip-hop and EDM. Jiyoon and Hyuna both participated in writing the lyrics. It blatantly reveals the despair of a woman who senses a breakup coming near.

Meanwhile, the group’s contract with Cube Entertainment will expire this year.

“We contemplated for long on the music aspect of this album. We’ve been so preoccupied with our music that we haven’t really talked about resigning our contract yet,” the members said.

“This album’s success will have a huge impact on whether or not our members will resign a contract. That’s why we’re working on meetings with the company. This album has to do well so that we can do well,” the group’s leader, Nam Ji Hyun said.

“Act. 7” was released at noon on February 1.

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