4Minute’s Sohyun Shows Off Her Sexy and Fit Figure for SURE

2016-02-01 23:05:22 2016-02-01 23:05:22

The fashion magazine SURE released a pictorial and interview by 4Minute’s Sohyun which she teased previously through her social media.

When asked about her glamorous and tight body, Sohyun said she does weight training. It is said that she paid special attention to her waistline while exercising for her most recent album.



SURE magazine staff member noted, “I was so stunned at her body line. Her body is much more slender and tight compared to when I met her a year ago. I was astonished at how diligent she is at taking care of her figure through yoga lately.”

Meanwhile, Sohyun is receiving much love and attention from her fans for making her comeback through 4Minute’s seventh album “Act.7” with the title song “Hate.”

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