D.O Reveals the Industry Is a Lot Different From What He Had Expected It to Be

2016-02-01 01:03:39 2016-02-01 01:03:39

D.O revealed his honest opinion on the industry during an interview with TVreport held on January 1,

“The entertainment industry is a lot different from what I thought it would be like before I debuted,” the EXO member said. “There’re too many to mark all of them off. The only way to survive in this field is to persevere and push through.”

“Though it is hard, I gain a lot too,” he added. “I’ve become more mature and have become stronger mentally. I earn as much as I suffer.”

Meanwhile, D.O. will be starring in the movie “Pure Love” as the male lead Bum Shil. The movie starts off with the appearance of a letter from 23 years ago that is sent to a radio DJ, and later tells the story of true love and friendship through flashbacks. Starring D.O., Kim So Hyun, Yeon Joon Suk, Lee David, and Joo Da Young, the movie will open in theaters on February 24.

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