GFRIEND Discusses Their Increasingly Uncomfortable Stage Outfits

2016-02-02 19:02:08 2016-02-02 19:02:08

GFRIEND increases the expectations for their stage outfits.

The girls were recently guests on the February 2 broadcast of MBC FM4U‘s “2 O’clock Date With Park Kyung Lim,” and commented on how the material of their stage outfits has changed since debut.

GFRIEND explains that “when we first debuted, it was a more casual, everyday student concept so all the outfits were made out of cotton. However, our stage outfits are starting to get more uncomfortable. There’s more zippers, and we wear more accessaries like neckties and belts. Even our shoes are now dress shoes instead of sneakers.”

Umji jokingly adds, “maybe our next concept will be cosplay,” making everyone burst out into laughter.

GFRIEND is currently promoting their new song “Rough,” and even recently took home their first win on “The Show.”

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