B.A.P Fans Celebrate Jongup’s Birthday by Donating to Children With Hearing Impairments

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In a trend that’s growing in popularity, B.A.P fans have donated to charity in member Jongup‘s name to celebrate his birthday.

A spokesperson for Love Snails, a welfare organization that supports children with hearing impairments, stated on February 3, “B.A.P’s fan club has helped aid ill-fortunate children with hearing disabilities and donated money on behalf of Jongup.”

The fan club donated a total of about 1.6 million won (approximately $1,275) in celebration of Jongup’s birthday, which is on February 6. A representative for the fan club said, “It’s impossible to put a number to the suffering of not being able to hear, but we sent this small gift because we want those troubled hearts to hear a little bit of hope and love.”

They continued, “We wanted to provide even a little bit of aid so that those children will be able to hear all the different┬ásounds in the world, like their family’s precious voices and the sound of beautiful music.”

Meanwhile, B.A.P is gearing up for a comeback with their newest album set to drop on February 22.

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*A previous version of the article uploaded a photo of Daehyun in error and has been corrected.