Gummy’s Mother Rates Jo Jung Suk as a Potential Son-in-Law

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Singer Gummy will be making an appearance on the upcoming February 4 “Girl Crush” special broadcast of KBS’s “Happy Together.” During the recording for the broadcast, Gummy openly discussed her relationship with actor-boyfriend Jo Jung Suk.

Every time the MCs mentioned “Jo Jung Suk,” Gummy’s face would turn red and eyes would shake, drawing laughter from everyone. She revealed, “It’s a good thing that I don’t have to lie about not having a boyfriend since I revealed my relationship with Jo Jung Suk. Even if I were to go back in time and had another chance, I would reveal our relationship again.” Her unchanging love and trust for Jo Jung Suk created the envy of everyone around her.

gummy 2

Further along during the recording, the MCs made an on-the-spot phone call to Gummy’s mother. When asked about her thoughts on Jo Jung Suk, she said, “Jo Jung Suk has a perfect score as a potential son-in-law. Gummy is already past the age for marriage, so I hope she will get married soon.”

Singer Gummy and actor Jo Jung Suk have been dating for around three years and confirmed their relationship last February.

You can watch the latest episode of “Happy Together” here!

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