4Minute’s Gayoon Hopes to Graduate College This Year

2016-02-04 19:32:08 2016-02-04 19:32:08

4Minute‘s Gayoon talked about wanting to graduate college this year in a recent radio show.

On February 4, 4minute and Untouchable came as guests on SBS PowerFM “2 O’clock Escape Cultwo show.”

During the broadcast, one listener writes on the radio message board and reveals that he/she saw Gayoon in school once. Then the DJs ask her, “You still go to school? What major are you?”

Gayoon answers, “I’m in the department of theater and film. I’m currently taking winter semester classes,” and added, “My goal is to graduate this year.”

Gayoon was accepted into Dongguk University as a theater and film major in 2011.

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