9MUSES’s Hyuna Discusses The Pain of Wearing High Heels

2016-02-04 21:25:15 2016-02-04 21:25:15

On the February 4 broadcast of KBS‘s “Vitamin,” 9MUSES‘s Hyuna talked about how wearing high heels had an adverse effect on her body. Hyuna revealed, “Because of high heels, my toes changed physically.”

When “Vitamin” MC Lee Hwi Jae asked if 9MUSES wore high heels while dancing, Hyuna responded, “Even since my modeling days, I wore high heels for 10 years. The fourth toe of my left foot has completely changed physically. Also the left side of my pelvis creaks while getting worse and it feels like it will fall out.”

A rehabilitation specialist who appeared on the show explained, “When you wear high heels, your body cannot absorb the shock. A lot of shock can go to your knees and waist. And there have been results from research that your walking gait while wearing high heels resembles that of an arthritic patient.”

Many female K-pop idols frequently give performances while wearing high heels. Members of AOA have also previously appeared on “Vitamin” to talk about the pains of wearing high heels.

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