G-Dragon Shares Candid Shots of BIGBANG Members Off-Stage

2016-02-04 14:43:22 2016-02-04 14:43:22

If you’ve ever wondered what the BIGBANG members do when they’re not performing onstage, fans can now look to G-Dragon’s recent Instagram posts for the answer. Social media is often a favored way for celebrities to communicate the more realistic sides of their lives to their followers.

On February 3, G-Dragon uploaded a picture of the BIGBANG members in some sort of waiting room. Just like we all do in situations where we find ourselves waiting for a long period of time, the guys lounge around playing on their phones, eating snacks, and in Daesung’s case, staring off into space.

G-Dragon wrote in the caption, “This is reality.”

A few days earlier, he had uploaded a short clip to Instagram with the caption, “Gotta work.” The BIGBANG members are in their van, checking their phones and listening to music.


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Do you find superstars like BIGBANG more relatable when they share their off-stage lives?

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