Park So Hyun Admits to Having Her Eye on Idol Group The Legend

2016-02-05 14:58:24 2016-02-05 14:58:24

Actress Park So Hyun, who has gained a reputation for being an “idol maniac,” recently talked about her obsession again on MBC’s “The Gifted.”

On the February 5 episode, she spoke up about the latest batch of boy groups that she has her eye on. “Road Boyz, IMFACT, and The Legend all have 5 members,” she said. “I’m currently rooting for The Legend.”

the gifted

Eun Ji Won surprised the panel by replying, “You know The Legend? They’re in the same agency as me.”

Park So Hyun went on to say, “Although right now they might be happy, when you look at idols closely, they have a really tough time. I just hope that they can produce good music even during their hardships.”

“The Gifted” is a program that seeks to find people that are talented or gifted in their particular hobbies or interests. It airs every Friday at 9:30 p.m.

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