Prominent Agency Bosses Discuss What It Takes to Succeed as an Idol

2016-02-06 23:48:58 2016-02-06 23:48:58

February 6, on the Lunar New Year’s special broadcast of SBS‘s “The Boss Is Watching,” the CEOs of several prominent entertainment agencies discussed what it takes to succeed as an idol.

During the broadcast, MC Jun Hyun Moo and Lee Soo Geun asked the panel of agency bosses about the hardships they faced while developing their idols. When the president of GFRIEND‘s agency was asked if he expected success, he humbly replied, “I didn’t. It was luck.”

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However the CEO of EXID‘s agency, Jun Seung Hee, said, “I think anyone can agree with me here. When you think, ‘The skills are good and the songs are good, but why am I not succeeding?’ I think that’s when you need luck.” He then continued, “However, that luck only comes if you work very hard while waiting for it.”

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