A Pink’s Bomi Proves Herself a Dutiful Daughter During the Lunar New Year

2016-02-07 11:21:37 2016-02-07 11:21:37

A Pink’s Bomi recently proved that she’s a dutiful daughter by going back home to help her mother with Lunar New Year celebrations! Families often reunite during the annual holiday, with children helping their parents or in-laws with the extensive preparations required to host a large number of people.

On February 6, A Pink’s official Facebook page posted a picture of Bomi posing with the traditional food that she and her mother made.

a pink bomi

In the caption, Bomi wrote, “I can understand a mother’s heart now. It was really tough, but fun. I should get married! Doesn’t it look good? Everyone, let’s help our mothers.”

A Pink will be releasing their 5th single album in Japan, “Brand New Days,” on February 23.

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