Kim So Hyun Discusses Her Inexperience With the Feelings of First Love in Real Life

2016-02-07 21:13:01 2016-02-07 21:13:01

In a recent interview with Star Today, actress Kim So Hyun talks about how she experienced first love as if it was real, through her role in the upcoming movie, “Pure Love,” which tells a story about an island girl’s ardent first love and the loyal friendship between five friends. She laughed and cried, felt happy and sad; and became completely immersed in her character Soo Ok’s feelings.

Kim So Hyun explains, “I don’t have any experience with first love in real life. I like to think that I experienced the feelings of ‘first love’ while filming this movie. I felt the same things as Soo Ok.”

When asked who she would have chosen in real life, Kim So Hyun replies, “I think I would have chosen Bum Shil (EXO’s D.O). San Dol (Yun Joon Suk) doesn’t express his feelings enough. In my opinion, timing is also important in love.”

During the interview, she also discusses her friendship with her co-star D.O, her love for Leonardo DiCaprio, and the aspirations she has an actress.

“Pure Love” will be released in Korean theaters on February 24.

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