Noh Hong Chul Meets a Witness from the Day of His Drunk Driving Incident

2016-02-07 13:59:37 2016-02-07 15:02:17

On the February 7 episode of tvN‘s new “Street Show” TV personality Noh Hong Chul meets an eyewitness to his drunk driving incident.

MC Noh Hong Chul traverses the streets of Hongdae and encounters a man attempting to gift him with a cake.

Noh Hong Chul rejects the cake, saying, “I’ll just receive the heart [behind the gift].”

But the man insists, “It’s because I feel a sense of responsibility towards you.”

Noh Hong Chul

“During your drunk driving incident, I saw you at Garusogil. I told my friends that I saw you and that very night articles surfaced [regarding your incident],” he continues. “I should have stopped you, but I didn’t, and that’s why I think what happened happened,” the man jokes.

Noh Hong Chul3

Noh Hong Chul laughs at the coincidence and says, “That’s so crazy. You saw me then and now again today.”

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