“The Return of Superman” to Release Previously Unseen Footage of Baby Choo Sarang

2016-02-07 22:09:47 2016-02-07 22:09:47

Over three days starting from February 8 to 10, KBS‘ “The Return of Superman Closed X-Files” will be showing previously unseen footage of Choo Sarang as a baby from four years ago.

Choo Sarang is an original member from the start of the show, who pulled in great popularity with her unique and lovely charm. The broadcast is expected to create much interest from those who want to see Choo Sarang again from her early days. Over the next three days viewers will not only see more of baby Choo Sarang, but also other kids of the show like the Song triplets, the Seo Joon and Seo Eon twins, and Ji On from the past.

Girl’s Days‘s Hyeri will be doing the narrations for the show and her bubbly charms are expected to add enjoyment for the viewers. “The Return of Superman Closed X-Files” will air from February 8 to 10 at 6:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the latest episode of “The Superman Returns” here!

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