Watch: Girl Group Member Totally Deceives Judges on “King of Mask Singer”

2016-02-07 09:34:27 2016-02-07 09:42:22

On the Lunar New Year special of “King of Mask Singer,” a girl group member surprises the judges with her performance.


Despite being costumed as a bride and groom, contestants “Getting Married Gapsoon” and “Getting Married Gapdol” compete against each other for a spot in the second round. Only groom Gapdol advances, however, and Gapsoon must reveal her identity.

The judges suspect her of being an experience trot singer based on her performance. One judge comments, “She’s not a young singer,” and another adds, “I think she sounds like Jang Young Rang.” However, Gapsoon has completely fooled the judges, because she reveals herself to be After School‘s Lizzy!

lizzy after school king of mask singer2

Lizzy’s reveal performance shocks not only the judges, but the audience as well. Check out Lizzy’s full reveal below!

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