Watch: Daebak Is Delighted During His First Soccer Lesson

2016-02-08 22:15:53 2016-02-08 22:15:53

On February 9, Lee Dong Gook’s wife Lee Soo Jin uploaded a video of Daebak learning soccer on her Instagram account.

Her post comes with a hashtag for “Very First Soccer Lesson.” In the video, we see Daebak sitting on the floor with a soccer ball in front of him. He tries to kick the ball, but it’s just a tad bit out of reach.

Lee Dong Gook can be heard saying, “You need to kick with your foot; kick hard with your foot.” His father continues to teach him and brings the ball closer to Daebak.

Daebak smiles adorably, appearing to enjoy the soccer lesson from his dad.

Then Lee Dong Gook says, “Not with your toes.” Daebak seems to understand(?) and pushes the ball with his hand instead.

Watch the clip below!

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You can watch more adorable Daebak moments on KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman.”

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