Watch: Melody Day’s Yein Touches the Audience With a Beautiful Duet With Her Father

2016-02-09 04:16:44 2016-02-09 04:16:44

Melody Day‘s Yein and her father has touched the audience with a heartwarming performance on “Idol National Singing Competition.”

On the February 8 broadcast of the show, Yein brought out her dad Ahn Ji Hwan, who is a voice actor, and sang Turtle‘s “Bingo” first and made the audience laugh.

During their second performance, they sang Kim Chang Wan‘s “Meaning of You” with their captivating voices.

Ahn Ji Hwan narrated a small part, saying, “What does a father mean to a daughter?” and touched the audience.

Watch their performance here!

Meanwhile, various idols came on “Idol National Singing Competition” and sang with their family or friends during this day.

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