Insooni Responds to Accusations of Tax Evasion


Veteran singer Insooni’s representatives have responded to recent accusations of tax evasion.

On February 10, singer Choi Sung Soo’s wife Park Young Mi submitted a charge accusing Insooni of tax evasion to the tune of 5 billion won (approximately $4 million) to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.

“From June 22, 2005 to November 23, 2007, Insooni evaded taxes by using a borrowed-name bank account,” Ms. Park said. “She also made omissions during an inquiry in 2008 by the Seoul Regional National Tax Service.” Ms. Park also claimed that Insooni had reported a lower income than she actually received and was given a surcharge of 800 million won (about $672,000).

Insooni’s side responded, “We have not yet received the formal complaint. We do not recognize any part of Ms. Park’s statement nor have we ever evaded taxes.”

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