Lee Hyun Woo’s Fans Send Food Truck to “Moorim School” Film Site

2016-02-10 02:58:35 2016-02-10 02:59:35

Fans of Lee Hyun Woo showed their support for his current role in the KBS drama “Moorim School” by sending him a food support truck!

On February 10, Lee Hyun Woo’s agency Key East Entertainment released a photo of the actor with the truck, which served coffee. The coffee truck was branded after Lee Hyun Woo’s character from “Moorim School,” Yoon Shi Woo. The truck arrived to the film site for the drama, which was recently shortened to 16 episodes from the original 20.

Lee Hyun Woo said, “Even though the weather is cold, I felt the warmth of the fans’ hearts. The ‘Moorim School’ staff and I are all able to enjoy filming [thanks to the fans]. I extend my gratitude to all the fans who always support me.”

Have you been keeping up with “Moorim School”? Watch the most recent episode below!

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