IU’s Agency Warns Against Social Media Imposters

2016-02-11 19:04:53 2016-02-11 19:04:53

Singer IU recently warned people against impersonating her on social media.

On February 12, IU’s agency LOEN Tree released a statement on the issue via their official Facebook page. The statement wrote, “We’d like to address the issue of people operating social media accounts that impersonate artists. We hope that people abstain from damaging the artists through impersonation.”

IU is far from the first to deal with impersonators on the Internet – last year, f(x)‘s Luna, Yoo Jae Suk, and Haha have all spoken out against the trend of fake social media accounts. Lee Jong Suk even became a victim of identity theft last year.

However, Korea doesn’t currently have a specific guideline for punishing social media imposters, and statements such as these do little to actually stop such impersonations. All the agencies can do are ask people to stop, even despite the artists threatening to take action.

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