Ryu Jun Yeol Says It Was an Honor to Compete Against iKON’s Bobby

2016-02-11 11:11:50 2016-02-11 17:45:53

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol said that he was incredibly honored to be a contestant on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” for their “Meet My Ugly Friend” special.

He shared his thoughts during an interview on February 11 and said, “Regardless of my defeat, it was a shock to even be on the show. I was so happy when I heard my name had come up on the show. It’s such a national program and having my photo air on the show is such an honor.”

On the February 6 episode of “Infinite Challenge,” Ryu Jun Yeol competed with iKON’s Bobby for a spot to appear on the show, with the members of “Infinite Challenge” eventually voting for Bobby to appear on their “Meet My Ugly Friend” special, in which cast members invite male celebrities who are known as being charming even though they are considered by some to be lacking good looks.

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