4Minute Discusses Mixed Reactions to Latest Comeback With “Hate”

2016-02-12 21:57:25 2016-02-12 21:57:25

In a recent interview with Joy News 24 held backstage at KBS2TV‘s “Music Bank,” girl group 4Minute talk about the different responses to their latest title track “Hate.”

“We expected the mixed reactions. We’re also not completely satisfied. It’s our task to learn how to make the public open up to music that can be difficult to enjoy.”

“Looking at numbers, it’s our worst album to date in the domestic market. Internationally, it’s received the best response,” the members candidly evaluate the success rate of their album.

Regarding comments saying that “Hate” is a bit too experimental for the Korean music market, 4Minute acknowledges the challenges and adds, “It’s not easy. We try to do our best through live performances.”

“Our music style has changed. Rather than sticking to a similar style, we enjoy seeking new musical adventures. It’s almost as if we naturally crave for such changes,” the girls explain why they choose to surprise the public with fresh concepts. “If [“Hate”] didn’t feel new to us, we probably wouldn’t have chosen it as our title track.”

“We didn’t win No.1 with ‘Volume Up,’ but even three years later, it sounds good. While it’s unfortunate that we failed to grab a music show trophy with it, that’s just the price we sometimes have to pay for our adventures. We hope to be a team that sounds fresh even ten years from now.”

The “girl crush” icons finally said, smiling, “With our next album, we’ll return as new girl crushes.”

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