Kahi Gets Tearful While Discussing Past Volunteer Experience


The upcoming episode of JTBC‘s “Kim Jae Dong’s Talk to You” discusses the topic of “meeting” and the effects it has on people’s lives. A guest speaker from the show mentioned about the big values of unexpected meetings.

MC Kim Jae Dong said during the recording, “I thought I would be the one to help others, but when I think about it, there has been more occasions where I received help instead.” To this comment, Kahi revealed a volunteer experience she considered to be her greatest “meeting.”

Kahi explained, “One day I decided that I wanted to do some volunteer work, so I went to a rehabilitation center with a few acquaintances. At first, it was difficult for me to get close with the kids. But as I spent a little time with each one, washing them and playing with them, they seemed to appear happy.” Kahi then said tearfully, “Even though what I was doing for them was a very small thing, they seemed happy. For that, I was very thankful.”

Also during the recording, Kahi gave advice about blind dating and told the audience to focus more on themselves than other people.

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