Navi Reveals Jang Dong Min Tried to Win Her Heart With Unlimited BBQ

2016-02-12 20:52:38 2016-02-12 20:52:38

On the February 12 episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” singer Navi shares how her boyfriend Jang Dong Min tried to impress her before they started going out.

The two went public with their relationship on January 1, becoming the first official celebrity couple of 2016. When asked which one of them confessed their feelings first, Navi reveals that Jang Dong Min was the one who suggested they cross over from friendship to something more.

“In the past, we became close while appearing on programs together. Once, we gathered for an after-work dinner at Jang Dong Min’s BBQ restaurant which he run at the time.”

“Half-joking, he told me, ‘I really like you,’ and, ‘If you date me, you’ll own all the meat at this restaurant.'”

“I love meat, so I almost accepted the offer because of the meat. Not to mention that it was Jeju Black Pork,” she explains how she was tempted by the potential unlimited BBQ.

Finally, she reveals that the promised benefits are no longer up for grabs. “We confessed our feelings, kept in frequent touch with each other, and everything else, but that BBQ place has since flopped and no longer exists,” she laughs.

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