Kim So Hyun Shares What She’d Like to Do With Her First Boyfriend

2016-02-13 16:16:43 2016-02-13 16:19:13

On February 12, actress Kim So Hyun appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U radio show “Tei’s Dreaming Radio.”

During the talk, Kim So Hyun reveals she has yet to fall in love despite having acted in first love roles like in upcoming film “Pure Love” as well as in the drama “Who Are You: School 2015.”

“When I get a boyfriend, I would like to take a walk on a snowy Christmas day with him,” she shares. “But I’ve also heard that the paparazzi will take photos if you do something like that (laughs).”

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun stars alongside EXO‘s D.O in upcoming film “Pure Love.” Based on a letter from 23 years ago that was delivered to a DJ of a live radio show, the movie centers around the theme of first love and friendship. Kim So Hyun will play Soo Ok, the object of quiet and loyal affection from Bum Shil (played by D.O).

The movie is slated for a February 24 premiere in Korea.

Are you looking forward to “Pure Love”?

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