Kim So Yeon Confesses She Once Received Death Threats from H.O.T Fans

2016-02-13 03:54:09 2016-02-13 03:54:09

Kim So Yeon recently confessed that she received death threats from H.O.T fans back in the late 90s.

On the February 13 episode of “We Got Married,” Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang take a trip outside of Seoul via an inter-city bus. Kim So Yeon remarks, “I’ve never taken a trip by bus before. I’ve always taken the train. When I was younger, we used to call it the ‘dove line.’ Then again, I wasn’t really popular back then.”

kim so yeon death threat2

She continues, “Back then, I filmed a movie called ‘Change.’ I even hosted a music show that H.O.T appeared on. However, their fans were so furious [that I was there] that I received quite a lot of death threats. Every time I got on stage the fans cursed at me.”

Kim So Yeon wraps up the story by saying that she was so distraught by the hate she received that she wrote her mother a note and ran away from home.

Thankfully Kim So Yeon weathered the hate to become the star that she is today!

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