Singer Min Kyung Hoon Gives Lee Guk Joo a Kiss

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The February 13 broadcast of JTBC‘s “Older Brother” focused on the topic of “The Best Way to Breakup With Your Lover.” During the show, Buzz‘s Min Kyung Hoon and comedienne Lee Guk Joo played out a hilarious skit focused on this theme.

Lee Guk Joo first started off by saying, “Ok, I’ll break up with you. But let’s end it with a breakup kiss. If you don’t do this, we can’t end our relationship. We kiss if we’re going to breakup, or we just keep seeing each other.” Min Kyung Hoon was conflicted until he responded, “You promise? If I do this, don’t ever appear in front of me again. With this last kiss, you can never appear in front of me again.” Lee Guk Joo then said, “You know that we never kissed even once during the three years we dated?”

lee guk joo

min kyung hoon

Min Kyung Hoon then replied, “Do you know why I never kissed you? It’s because I wanted to protect you.” Lee Guk Joo then cursed out loud causing everyone to laugh before saying, “Yeah, you cherished me.” Min Kyung Hoon showed his hesitation in kissing Lee Guk Joo by retorting, “I can cherish you even more.” While they did a pinky promise, Min Kyung Hoon reaffirmed, “Don’t ever appear in front of me again. With this last kiss, we are finished. Who should do it? I’ll do it.”

Before the kiss, he added one final condition, causing everyone to roar in laughter. “Wait. No opening mouths.” Min Kyung Hoon finally gave Lee Guk Joo a firm kiss which surprised everyone, who did not think he would actually kiss her.

min kyung hoon lee guk ju

Watch the hilarious interaction below!

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