Son Dam Bi Shares Teaser Photo From Set of “Mrs. Cop 2”

2016-02-14 22:46:30 2016-02-14 22:46:30

Singer and actress Son Dam Bi is getting fans excited for the upcoming drama “Mrs. Cop 2.”

On February 15, she gave a peek into the production by sharing a photo from the drama set via her Instagram

Dressed in head-to-toe black, the star looks effortlessly trendy while walking on the set in her skinny jeans and leather biker jacket. The dramatic black-and-white snapshot suggests that Son Dam Bi is an ideal fit for her role as the charismatic police officer Shin Yeo Ok, owning the minimalistic and edgy style.

Set to premiere in March, “Mrs. Cop 2” marks the anticipated second season of last year’s hit drama “Mrs. Cop.” The star-studded cast includes Kim Bum, Kim Sung Ryung, Kim Min Jong, and more.

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