Uee and Lee Seo Jin Pick Each Other as Their Ideal Types

2016-02-14 05:05:26 2016-02-14 05:05:26

On the February 14 broadcast of MBC‘s “Section TV,” actress Uee and actor Lee Seo Jin sit down for an interview to discuss their anticipated weekend drama “Marriage Contract.”

When asked if they find each other close to their respective ideal types, both actors confidently respond “Yes.”

Uee explains what she finds attractive about Lee Seo Jin, saying, “I like caring people who protect me.”

“I only like bright people. Appearance-wise, I’m not that into tall women, but Uee has a bright personality,” Lee Seo Jin compliments Uee’s character.

uee lee seo jin

He goes on to say more positive things about Uee. “She has a fresh brain. I feel like she hasn’t overused her brain. I mean this in a positive way,” he adds, and makes Uee burst into laughter over his unique way of describing her strikingly bright and pure mind.

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