JYJ’s Junsu Reveals His Reasons for Liking Byun Yo Han

2016-02-15 07:01:44 2016-02-15 07:01:44

On February 15, JYJ‘s Junsu revealed through Naver’sV” app, which allows you to watch the personal broadcasting videos of celebrities, his reasons for liking Byun Yo Han.

He said, “Byun Yo Han is a friend I really like. I had chatted with him on Kakao several times and knew that we matched well together but I met him for the first time through this musical. I was so happy to meet him.”

He added, “When celebrities meet other celebrities, there is a certain behavior that occurs. It’s not that its bad but it’s a necessary behavior. However, with Byun Yo Han, there is no sense of that distance or calculated actions. I really appreciate that and I am so thankful.”

Meanwhile, Junsu recently concluded his time on the musical “Dracula,” which ended its run this Lunar New Year weekend, with its last performance on February 9.