Park Han Byul Will Catch the Bouquet During Hwang Jung Eum’s Wedding

2016-02-16 22:49:11 2016-02-16 22:49:11

During Hwang Jung Eum’s star-studded wedding, which will be held on February 26, her best friend Park Han Byul will be accepting the bouquet.

Their friendship started when they students of Sunhwa Arts Middle School and has remained strong throughout their careers.

Kim Jae Dong will be the MC of the wedding, Lee Soon Jae will be the officiant, andKim Junsu and Jung Sun Ah will be singing a congratulatory song. Hwang Jung Eum personally asked these people to honor the special day for her.

Hwang Jung Eum’s husband-to-be is pro-golfer Lee Young Don, who is currently the representative of a steel company. She was first introduced to him by a friend, and the two decided to tie the knot this past January.

The two are said to have a trusting relationship, and Hwang Jung Eum said she fell in love with her fiancé’s warm heart and support during her busy schedule.

After the wedding, Hwang Jung Eum plans to continue her acting career.

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