“Produce 101” Contract Terms Revealed, Trainees Get Paid Nothing for Appearance

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In the contract signed between CJ E&M and entertainment agencies for the Mnet trainee survival show “Produce 101,” strict terms are outlined that protect CJ E&M and the show from spoilers and legal action.

Local news source Ilgan Sports obtained a copy of the contract between CJ E&M, the company that owns Mnet, and the entertainment agencies sending their trainees to the Mnet show “Produce 101.”  The contract states that agencies and the third party (i.e. the trainee) cannot take legal action (criminal or civil) that seeks to hold CJ E&M liable for any negative reaction from audiences and netizens. This protects the company from blame caused by “Devil’s editing,” for example, which has been a source of controversy for some Mnet shows like “Superstar K” when audiences and contestants claim that the producers are editing the show in an unfavorable way.

The contract also prohibits the trainee and related family and friends, and the agency to reveal any information about the show on social media networks or media outlets, as well as record or appear on shows on any other networks or media outlets. The contract can be terminated by CJ E&M if this term is violated.

Financially, the trainee gets no pay for appearing on the show, and any profit made from music releases will be shared 50-50 between CJ E&M and the agency. The entertainment agency also shares in the cost of producing the music releases.

Also appearing in the contract is CJ E&M’s “incubating system.” At the end of the show, whoever gets selected as the final member has to be part of the “incubating system” for 10 months, during which CJ E&M manages/trains the contestant.

An affiliate of “Produce 101” emphasized in a interview with Osen and TVReport that the terms outlined in the contract are legally common and are there to protect copyright and prevent leaks. The “incubating system” means that the final 11 trainees will debut through Mnet and promote together for about ten months. As for the no pay, this is said to be typical of competition/audition programs which contestants volunteer to be a part of.

“Produce 101” is a large-scale survival show produced by Mnet with 101 trainees from 46 entertainment agencies competing to become part of a project girl group.

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