Park Gyuri Allures in Pictorial for Arena Homme Plus

2016-02-17 16:11:11 2016-02-17 16:11:11

In a recent pictorial for Arena Homme Plus magazine, Park Gyuri shows off her aura as an actress. She has taken off the image of an idol and has taken on the new stage of her life as an actress.

On February 12, the website for the magazine revealed cuts from their photo shoot with her. She is wearing a variety of outfits and shows off her stunning beauty.


There is no glimpse of the “cute” Kara. She gives off an alluring look to the camera and her face is expressionless, giving off an aura of chic and glamor.

In another cut, she is wearing a white suit, and with her confident expression, she looks confident and charming. Her wet hair gives off a more sexy vibe.


Park Gyuri is currently starring in the KBS historical drama “Jang Young Shil” and can soon be seen on the big screen in the movie “Two Types of Dating” which also stars Kim Jae Wook and Chae Jung An.