Park Hae Jin Shows Off Whimsical, Everyday Looks for High Cut

2016-02-17 18:05:35 2016-02-17 18:05:35

Park Hae Jin‘s photo shoot with High Cut magazine was released on February 18. He is reminiscent of what Yoo Jung sunbae (his character in “Cheese in the Trap”) would be like in his private life as opposed to how he appears in the drama.

park hae jin 2

In the revealed photos, Park Hae Jin portrays a whimsical and cute everyday lifestyle, representing the theme, “Hae Jin sunbae’s private life.” He is captured in scenes where he is lying on the bed eating popcorn, sitting in the bathtub brushing his teeth, or holding a basketball to his chest while shyly gazing at the camera.

park hae jin 4

park hae jin 3

Park Hae Jin currently stars in the tvN drama, “Cheese in the Trap,” as Yoo Jung, a warm university sunbae.

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