Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Undergoes Lie Detector Test About Her Dating Status

2016-02-18 18:22:16 2016-02-18 18:22:16

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny had a chance to test out a lie detector for herself.

On the February episode of “What Is Mom,” Sunny visited Hwang Shin Hae‘s house.

During the show, Sunny, Hwang Shin Hae, and Lee Jini started asking questions to each other using the lie detector machine. When asked, “Are you open to dating?” Hwang Shin Hae answered, “Yes, I am.” However, the lie detector said this was a lie, to which Hwang Shin Hae commented, “This is weird. I am completely open. Why would I be closed?”

When asked, “Do you have a boy you currently like?” Lee Jini answered, “No,” but this also got evaluated as a lie.

Sunny also said, “I don’t have a boyfriend,” but this came out as a lie and surprised everyone. Sunny commented, “This is weird! This made everyone here weird. What is this?!”

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