Kim Jung Eun Addresses Speculations Surrounding Her Future Husband

2016-02-18 13:17:32 2016-02-18 13:17:32

Actress Kim Jung Eun recently addressed speculations surrounding her fiancé, with whom she revealed her engagement last December.

Her agency Shim Entertainment said on February 18, “It is true that Kim Jung Eun’s fiancé got divorced in 2009. About three or four years later he met Kim Jung Eun and their love blossomed. Near the end of 2015 they decided to get married.”

They added, “It is a shame that biased articles are being written about the couple as they begin the next stage of their lives together. People should respect marriage as part of an actor’s personal life.”

The wedding is scheduled to happen in March in the United States. The official engagement was announced on December 21, along with a personal letter written by the actress.

“Thank you to all the fans and audiences who have supported me throughout the years,” Kim Jung Eun had written. “I am very lucky to be marrying a friend and lover who embraces even my weaknesses with his big heart. As he is a non-celebrity, there were moments where we felt we had to be very careful. I hope you that you will congratulate us on our future happiness.”

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