NU’EST Speaks Up About Gratefulness for Love From International Fans

2016-02-18 23:48:11 2016-02-18 23:48:11

NU’EST spoke up about their gratitude towards fans during their schedules overseas.

The show case for their fourth mini album “Q is” was held on February 18.

“I was very concerned about our schedules overseas because of communication issues. However, once I was on the stage, I loved to see how our fans reacted,” they said.

“Though it was a concert in a foreign country, the crowd of people made our worries seem unnecessary,” the group added. “It was great to receive the love call of several places while working overseas. While we spent a long period performing in Japan, we released an official album and our name went up on the Oricon Chart.”

The group’s fourth album “Q is” shows off a different side of NU’EST than their past images. This album contains their love towards fans. Each track has meaning to it, including promises of love to their beloved fans.

The first to fifth tracks are a series of connected stories, like puzzle pieces that need to be matched together in order to make sense.

Within NU’EST’s title song “Overcome,” the members say a chant in order to heal pain and protect. The upbeat song with a catchy hook demonstrates the growth of the members from boys to men.

Meanwhile, the group released “Q is” on February 17 through several music streaming sites.

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