Singer Huh Gak’s Twin Brother Is Booked for Mutual Assault

2016-02-18 23:37:56 2016-02-19 01:17:52

Singer Huh Gak’s twin brother, Huh Gong, is under investigation for mutual assault.

On February 19, the Bucheon Wonmi Police Station of Gyeonggi Province reported that singer Huh Gong was booked without detention for mutual assault.

It is said that Huh Gong was having a drink with an acquaintance, Mr. Lee, around 3:15 a.m. KST at a bar in Bucheon. It looks as though they had an argument which led to the assault by both parties.

Both parties are blaming each other for the assault received.

However, the police is continuing the investigation of the incident with the assumption that they both assaulted each other while drunk.

A source from the agency that represent Huh Gong commented, “Huh Gong and an acquaintance got into a light fight. He received treatment at the emergency in a hospital located in Incheon, and he is resting right now. We are waiting for results on whether he needs to stay at the hospital later.” The source also clarified that Huh Gong did not drink, but the acquaintance he got into a fight with was completely drunk. The acquaintance threw the first punch and the owner of the store has said he can testify to that.

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